The development triangle Area ‘Potentials, Challenges, Prospects’

Development Triangle Area (DTA) of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam (CLV) was created to maximize the gains from international integration, especially in economic welfare. This specific paragraph indicates the government’s non-deviated political will toward realization of the development along border provinces. The political agenda of the Royal Government of the third legislature stated that the development of borders and rural areas in order to encourage people not to leave their home for the city by means of putting things in place and construction of the down-town areas which are linked to proper infrastructure, especially roads and developed villages along the borders in order to facilitate their livelihood and participation in economic activities.

The development triangle project, particularly, acceded by three Cambodia’s border provinces, namely Stueng Treng, Rattanakiri, and Mondulkiri, together with four Vietnam’s border provinces and three Lao PDR’s provinces. This Development area was first initiated by premier Hun Sen in his effort to develop the Cambodia’s northeastern part to become the country’s fourth development pole by year 2015. Therefore, the situation analytical study of the area is needed to carry out. [Download]