PM’s 8-Point Recommendation to Journalists

Phnom Pen, January 14, 2019 —

During the solidarity dinner with journalists in Phnom Penh on Jan. 11, 2019, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, has made an eight-point recommendation to all journalists and other related institutions as on the followings:

All journalists including public and private entities must play an important role on providing real information and be a mirror to show the real situation of Cambodia. It should not be a broken mirror that does not show the real information or situation.

All journalists including public and private entities must publish or broadcast real information with a clear explanation so people could understand about the Royal Government’s target and policy. Also, all institutions must bring back the fact about people and report to the government with good theories and implementation with effective result.

All journalists are required to provide a constructive feedback in order to correct all mistakes or errors so that it can be made a corrective action or plan to all institutions for the implementation. It means that all feedbacks must not be a destructive feedback.

All journalists are allowed and encouraged to make an analysis with an international standard so that all information can be aware or widespread internationally. Also, all journalists can become a professional analyst to all international news or events. So far, some foreigners have made an analysis and published about Cambodia; thus, we must be able to respond back and make an analysis about them too.

Broadcasting/publication must be done with good ethic and in professional manner. Especially, all Social Media (Facebook Users) must not use any bad words such as scolding or deformation/slander that could become a suing cases or court cases. Journalists must maintain their values or moralities especially, they must provide real information to the public and do not assuming or acting as a judge on any situations.

Journalists must combat all activities that used information as a tool to kidnap or to do any bad activities. Journalists should not be acting as MAFIA.

Do not produce or create fake news which do not provide best interest to the society; instead journalists must be against all fake news and release all facts and respond back with clear explanation.

Human Resource is the most importance part of the institution. Thus, all journalists must be able to develop themselves through capacity building. All journalists must make close relationship with other associations or institutions such as universities and other ministries in order to build the capacity to become more professional. In addition, journalists must make good relation with people who are skillful in order to develop themselves for a better performance and better quality of jobs.

In addition to the above eight points, the Cambodian Prime Minister strongly supported an idea of preparing a Competition Campaign regarding “The production of a reliable and speedy information with multiple languages.” As nowadays the trend of following news on TV has been decreasing, the Premier supported online information platform or system.

By Dathalineth Mam, AKP

Advisor to Ministry of Information