Phnom Penh Forum

The Phnom Penh Forum is a multi-track platform founded by the International Relations Institute of Cambodia of the Royal Academy of Cambodia aiming at bringing together the representatives of governments, think-tanks, foundations, research institutes, research departments of the private sector, consultancies, NGOs, media and so on, in ASEAN member states as well as all those neighbouring and relevant countries, to work together to improve their relationship alongside enhanced transparency and accountability and improve the government’s capacity to adjust to new demands of external and local stakeholders for greater public participation.
This platform will provide an open and frank consultation process through which Think-tanks, NGOs and INGOs can openly address the critical challenges they are facing. This will also provide a unique opportunity for communication with other civil society organizations and candid and critical self-reflection for the think-tanks and NGOs. In addition to major consultations, there will be some discussions with individuals and think-tanks, NGOs, and INGOs to promote a broad degree of dialogue and buy-in.
This will also pave a multi-dimensional path to enhance international influence through leading agenda-setting, promoting the creation, reform and innovation of the international regime, shaping conceptual identity, taking part in confronting many serious traditional and non-traditional security challenges ahead, and vigorously addressing many pressing issues of regional development and global challenges.
Phnom Penh Forum has the following objectives:
1-To promote sustainable policy dialogue between government, think-tanks and NGOs.
2-To promote the management of think-tanks and NGOs through a consensus-building process for “addressing challenges together”.
3-To strengthen Think-tanks’ status, influence and capacities in terms of leading agenda-setting, leading the creation and reform of the international regime and shaping conception and identity.
4-To build the capacity of think-tanks and NGOs through various programs and activities.
The Forum will be held annually in different forms and programs including academic forums, conferences, seminar series and training programs. In addition, we will also have international research projects depending on our fund availability. Partners of the Forum are encouraged to work together to develop project proposals to apply for financial support from funding agencies.

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