Message from Director General

After many decades in war and isolation, Cambodia has emerged in a new era in international relations after national reconciliation and the establishment of the coalition government by general election in 1993. Cambodia has made so many achievements during more than two decades of its foreign policy.

In 2005, the International Relations Institute of Cambodia (IRIC) was established under the framework of the Royal Academy of Cambodia. IRIC has begun in an appropriate circumstance, when Cambodia has been integrating itself into the region and the world, and stepping dynamically forward in foreign policy on the international stage. Cambodia has gained back its legitimacy and prestige in the world arena.

IRIC’s mission is to conduct studies, research, follow-up, analysis and recommendation or information, to organize academic forums, and to make publication, on foreign policies, politics, security, economics and international relations. IRIC aims to contribute promotion of reputation and role of Cambodia in international arena​ and its participation in international affairs with equal rights and equal footing both in the region and the world.

Presently, IRIC is doing its utmost to contribute inputs to the Royal Government of Cambodia for shaping its foreign policy and sustainable development, and to help find out solutions to address regional challenges. IRIC has played its role as a meeting center for researchers with a primary focus on international affairs, foreign policy and diplomacy.

In order to accomplish its vital mission, IRIC calls for technical, material support and funding from the national and international donors, as well as any institutions that share the same objectives. IRIC makes itself ready and is eager to cooperate with national and international institutions and other development partners in conducting research, analysis and recommendation, and to organize any kinds of academic forums.

Director General,
International Relations Institute of Cambodia,
Royal Academy of Cambodia