Interview: China, ASEAN cooperation most dynamic in region — Cambodian gov’t official, experts

Kin Phea, director general of the International Relations Institute of Cambodia, a think tank under the Royal Academy of Cambodia, said amidst global uncertainties, pandemic, rising global inflation and climate change, closer China-ASEAN relations are even more important to ensuring regional peace, stability and food security.

“China and ASEAN are the guardians of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific,” he told Xinhua.

“Closer China-ASEAN cooperation will contribute greater to increasing mutual understanding and trust, and promoting peace and stability in the region, which are the common aspirations of all people.”

He said ASEAN and China have become the largest trading partners and their bilateral trade volume has kept the momentum of growth.

“China and ASEAN are important forces in boosting free trade and supporting multilateralism against the backdrop of protectionism and unilateralism,” Phea said. “Their cooperation provides mutually beneficial and win-win results.”

He said it is vital for both sides to maintain this relationship and prevent any external attempts to harm their relations. “China-ASEAN ties have entered a new stage after the two sides established the comprehensive strategic partnership last year, and it is hoped that the relations will definitely move towards a community of shared future, where China and ASEAN and their peoples grow together in harmony,” he said.

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