Main Tasks

  1. To study, research, follow up, analyze, and advise or provide information on foreign policy, politics, security, economics, international relations and international evolution in all fields.
  2. To facilitate with institutions and organizations as well as national and international researchers in conducting research on foreign policy, politics, security, economics and international relations.
  3. To strengthen and expand cooperation and exchange of experiences with institutions, centers, and international forums and other researchers of politics, economics, security and international relations that share the same direction.
  4.  To organize conferences, seminars and forums concerning politics, security, international relations, and ongoing national and international political events.
  5. To assist the government in formulating and implementing policies in relevant fields as needed
  6. To publish academic journal and research works as well as audiovisual documents in the framework of       the institute
  7. To collect, compile and organize a library to store documents and research materials in a due order in a library for the international affairs
  8. To perform other duties assigned by the Royal  Academy of Cambodia.