Dr. Kin Phea suggests ASEAN re-examine its mechanisms toward the Myanmar junta

Prime Minister Hun Sen (sixth from left) and ASEAN foreign ministers cross arms and hold hands for a photo at the opening ceremony of the 55th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Phnom Penh on August 3. Photo: Hong Menea (Phnom Penh Penh)

Dr. Kin Phea, Director General of the Royal Academy of Cambodia’s International Relations Institute of Cambodia suggests ASEAN re-examine its mechanisms toward the Myanmar junta. He said Myanmar military leaders did not seem to possess the goodwill, commitment and honesty required for implementing the 5PC.

“So, it has now become necessary for [ASEAN] to re-examine what mechanisms they should use to impose penalties so that the Myanmar military leaders will soften their attitude towards resolving this crisis,” he said, adding that the bloc should change its methods, mechanisms and strategies now and consider switching tactics from carrots over to sticks.

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