Complex Myanmar crises hang over ASEAN Summits

Kin Phea, director of the International Relations Institute at the Royal Academy of Cambodia, said Cambodia and ASEAN have worked well together for nearly a half-century now, in line with the Kingdom’s policy of strong support for multilateral diplomacy in the region.

Phea said the Myanmar crisis is hard to solve partly because it is now enmeshed in the country’s historical conflicts arising from its decades of military rule that came about after the nation gained its independence and ceased being a British colony.

“Throughout the many decades of its post-colonial era, Myanmar has been under its military’s power and it has not been easy to get the juntas to give up their power,” he said.

Phea noted that some of Myanmar’s neighbouring countries have also been barriers to resolving its internal political crisis, citing India as an example.

He explained that India does not want to see political stability in Myanmar as it serves its geopolitical strategy, and that China and the US also have differences over the crisis.

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