Cambodia-China Relations: Cultural Front

Abstract: Despite Cambodia and China do not share a common border but the two countries had long been in a historic, cultural and commercial relationship. The relationship between the two countries dates back to early 13th century when Zhou Daguan (Chou Ta-kuan; French: Tcheou Ta-Kouan) led a diplomatic expedition mission to Cambodia and received audiences with Cambodia’s King. His memoir we have learned of the Chinese diplomatic and economic interactions with the ancient Khmer. From this it really reflects the strategic point of interest between the two countries. In addition to its economic and political clout expands in Cambodia, Chinese culture and language fit seamlessly into the Cambodian society as well. In term of population, China is the biggest country in the world. It is widely known that Chinese people have been to the rest of the world since upon the time, and they have brought with them the Chinese culture, tradition, belief, and so on. Cambodia is not an exception. This paper first examines brief history of Cambodia-China relations, the reiterate Chinese ethnic, culture and language in the Cambodian society, and finally discusses the cultural roles in promoting the relationship between the two countries. [Download]